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Pre-recorded Interviews
Part One  

Billy – Well the second movie for Merry and Pippin is pretty much about them growing up, it’s about them kind of starting to realize the severity and the size of the thing their involved in

Dom – Right

Billy – Because in the first part

Dom – Umm

Billy – I’m telling her (interviewer)

Dom – Oh right

Part Two

Billy – You’re a sex symbol

Dom – Thanks, you’re more of a sex triangle

Billy – Yeah exactly

Dom – Like a sex drum

Billy – Yeah


Dom – They don’t camp in our gardens yet, but in France they’ve been following us around, restaurants and bars and stuff, screaming at Elijah and things like that

Billy – Plus you live in a flat you don’t have a garden

Dom – That’s right, well they sometimes camp in my lift

Billy – Yeah


Live Interview

Bryan – Good morning

Billy – Good morning

Bryan – I’ve just seen you a few days ago in Paris

Billy – I know we’re like old friends now

Bryan – We’ve had loads of e-mails, I’m gonna dive straight through now, this one’s from Chris Trodds, has your life changed much since the release of LOTR?

Billy – Not really in a sort of day to day way, I still see the same friends and go to the same places but erm I suppose I fly around the world a lot more than I used to and I get invited onto places like this

Tess – Ah a bit more jet set now

Billy – Oh yes

Tess – Excellent, I’ve got an e-mail here from Katie Davis who says, you filmed on location in New Zealand  for 15 months, was it hard being away from your friends and family for that long?

Billy – You know sometimes but we worked so hard in these movies you know we were working 14 maybe 15 hours a day that there wasn’t really time to get homesick and also I bought some friends over, they came over to visit and my sister came over to visit so there wasn’t really that much time to get homesick

Tess – And you love New Zealand so much you said earlier you were going back fro Christmas maybe

Billy – Exactly yeah, I’m going over for the premiere over there to catch up with some friends

Bryan – Absolutely, David from Newcastle would like to know um, who did you become closest to out of everyone on the cast and who do you still speak to

Billy – I don’t speak to any of them anymore but, nah that’s not true


We all got really really close you know for that length of time

Tess – 15 months together

Billy – I know, you’ve got to but you know I suppose me and Dom, we got really close because we had to work so closely together the whole time you know

Tess – Dominic Mohan, Mohan

Bryan – Let’s not get his name wrong he’ll kill us

Tess – Dom Mohan, Dom Mohan, fellow hobbit

Billy – He hates that, Mon-a-ghan, It’s Dom Monaghan

Bryan – Mon-a-ghan

Tess – And your mates now aren’t you

Billy – Yeah, yeah good mates

Tess – I heard you wrote a script together while you were out there

Billy – We did actually you’ll see in this movie, in TTT that me and Dom spend a lot of the time up a tree and they made a puppet tree and we would just sit up there, and it would be so hard to get back down they used to just give us a cup of tea in breaks and we would just sit up there together

Bryan – Is it true they used to throw cups of tea and bread and lunch up to you

Billy – They did, they would just leave us and everyone would leave the studio

Tess – Like monkeys in a tree

Billy – Yeah, so while we were up there we wrote a script which we hope is gonna be made into a movie this year

Bryan – As you do when your up a tree, come on kids get up those trees

Tess – Fiona Shawn says what have you been doing since your finished LOTR, are you in any more films?

Billy – Yeah I just finished a film about 3 weeks ago er with Russell Crowe

Tess – Russell Crowe, so with the Hollywood big shots now

Billy – Oh come on, It’s set in the Polionic War on a three mast friggit, really beautiful out sailing ships and really good

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