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JOE: Please welcome Billy Boyd, from Lord of the Rings! 

(BILLY is there) 

JOE: It is great to have you on the show, cause I have seen the film, and it's brilliant, but just for those of you who haven't seen it, or would like to see a bit more, here's a little clip, a little reminder... 

(They play a bit of the trailer - including Pippin's 'oops' scene in Moria)

JOE: Brilliant! Now... it's an amazing film to watch. What was it like to film? 

BILLY: Pretty incredible, because as you can see, we were on top of mountains, you know... going down rivers... it was just an incredible time. 

JOE: And you were at New Zealand for 18 months filming all three of them... so it's basically like being a backpacker and you get to make the film at the same time! 

BILLY: Pretty much! And we got to see places that you wouldn't expect to see... top of volcanoes where no one has ever been - and we were helicoptered to the top of these. It was just amazing. 

JOE: And you took up surfing? 

BILLY: Yeah, yeah, I'm a mad surfer now. 

JOE: Have you been surfing in Scotland? 

BILLY: Yeah, yeah, a few times. In fact the waves are really good today, I might go out tomorrow. 

JOE: In Scotland? Is it cold? 

BILLY: Yeah, you just get a good wetsuit on. 

JOE: Now, the second film, the Two Towers, is coming out in December. Have you seen it yet - or do you know anything about it... can you let us know...? 

BILLY: Um... I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I've seen bits. But I think it will be pretty incredible, you can be ready for some great battle scenes. 

JOE: Cause the way the film ends, Lord of the Rings the first installment, Pippin - your character, is kidnapped! 

BILLY: Yeah! 

JOE: Really by these massive orc-type people - they look like WWF wrestlers! So are you going to be alright? That's my main concern at the moment... 

BILLY: He... he... you'll have to wait til the next one! 

(WHOLE audience and Joe go 'awww!') 

BILLY: Oh come on! 

JOE: Now you mentioned the fight scenes, those are some of the most amazing scenes. Did you have to... you know... the sword stuff? 

BILLY: Yeah! At some point, they got the New Zealand army to dress as orcs... and we would be there fighting the New Zealand army! It was incredible! 

JOE: The most worrying thing is though, swords are really heavy - and you're not a big bloke are you? 

BILLY: Under this shirt, actually, it's all muscle 


JOE: (laughs) It's massive! I can tell, much like myself. What about - there has been lots of hype, it's award season, are you expecting to be putting a few things on the old mantelpiece? 

BILLY: Yeah... some pictures! Of you! Nah, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

JOE: So we shouldn't mention the Oscars, then... oops, sorry, I just did that. (more laughter) Great time having you on the show, so you're gonna stick around for a bit longer? 

BILLY: Yeah. 

Billy did infact stick around for a bit longer. The Saturday Show's band played a few pieces for him and it was his job to guess the songs. Then he got up with them and did some great guitar strumming! I'll try and get the audio of that up for you soon. And for a final note, on The Saturday Show website, it read later: Billy Boyd chose The Saturday Show to make his last appearance before jetting back to spend time with family in Scotland, and then he's off to Hollywood - the land of dreams! He promised he'll be back when the second Lord Of The Rings film opens...

Huge thank you to Shandy for providing this transcript!