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Due to lack of sleep the night before I missed the 1st 15 minutes of the show but I don’t think I missed much with Billy. When I did wake up the male presenter was dresses in a sumo suit and was getting ready to fight another guest on the show Hollyoaks Gary Lewis (is that right?? Well it’s not Billy so it’s not important). Billy was dressed up with a red Chinese type dressing gown + was helping the TV presenter up if he fell over (the sumo suits being blow up comical ones) the game latest about a minute but Billy didn’t really have much to do.

5 Minutes later 3 kids who had come to watch the show were taking part in a karaoke contest singing Brittany Spears, Billy had to stand behind 1 of the kids and give moral support (I think he needed it) the boy was asked if he liked Brittany + he mumbled something but Billy had no trouble admitting he did. While the kid was singing Billy could be seen in the background grinning away (see ANY picture of Billy) + nodding his head 2 the music. After all the kids had finished Billy was asked his opinion on the kid he was with + he said ‘fantastic!! Better than Brittany’

The two puppet things on the show a duck and bear played a game with Billy next called lady loo roll. They asked him as many questions as possible in 60 secs + if he scored well (dunno how they scored it) he got to temporarily take away a lady loo roll guarder (see your nan's bathroom) the questions were as followed - (DB = duck + bear BB= our Billy)

DB: spring, summer, autumn or cheese?

BB: cheese

DB: would you like to see tiny's peanut? (This is children’s TV?? + I think tiny is the bear)

BB: * looks puzzled * no

DB: how much is that doggie in the window?

BB: the one with the waggily tail?

DB: that’s the one

BB: £2 

* Billy scratches his head*

DB: how do you do?

BB: very well thanks

DB: complete this song lyric: ‘happy birthday dear…’

BB: tidy (?? I think he meant to say tiny!!)

DB: no it’s Jim I’m sorry. If Michael Jackson were a fruit, what fruit would he be?

BB: a banana

DB: true or false, when filming lord of the rings the director, Peter Jackson was eaten by a GRIZZLY BEAR!!!

BB: FALSE!!! (no no say truuue!!!)

DB: a nice bit of acapella or a trip to alcopolko?

BB: alcopolko!!

DB: what’s the king of the penny sweets?

BB: er errrrrr toffee!

Then the time was up + Billy apparently scored 33 points + won the lady loo roll + seemed most pleased. :D

Afterwards he had a serious interview with the male presenter, most of the questions are ones all the media ask. They showed the trailer clip of pippin and the well then the interview started.  He talked about the locations they filmed in and going up mountains and rivers.

The guy brought up surfing + Billy said he was a mad surfer + the waves in Scotland were really good at the moment + he expected to go surfing over the weekend. Would he get a bit chilly? Not with his trusty wetsuit :D (if u live in Scotland stalk him please + take that camera).

He was asked about the two towers and what would happen to pippin in the second film but he wouldn’t say he did mention great battle scenes though. The guy said about using a sword that Billy wasn’t the biggest of guys how did he hold it etc? Billy pointed out underneath his shirt it was all muscle ;)

The award season came up + Billy made a joke of putting a pic of the presenter up on his mantelpiece. Always the modest 1 he said he’d see what happened with awards (didn’t mention the empire awards so I wonder if he knows yet) the interview ended.

Near the end of the show (I missed this 1st time round cause I was downstairs but luckily I taped it) the regular band who play all the intro music tested Billy because they heard he was a bit of a musician (he said he could sing + play the guitar + drums!!!) they played 3 movie themes + he had to guess them. He got one right which was James bond + needed a bit of help on the others, in fact a lot the audience told him the answers but he was convinced he’d worked it out on his own. He then got on stage + played with the band!! They gave him an electric guitar + I was very impressed. If anyone watched the show + can tell me the name of the tune Billy played I would be most grateful!!! It’s in my head + I can’t think of its name!!!

That was the last we saw of Billy, he seemed very happy 2 be there but next time please go on a late night show. I need my sleep!!!