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29 - 11 - 02

Billy has updated the diary section of his site with two new entries. One is slightly warped for words |link| here follows a transcript of what it says (thanks to Great Scot)

Hello there. I'm home in Scotland, catching my breath, catching up with friends and catching a cold as well judging by the way I feel!  So Mexico was fun! Many stories to tell and what a treat to work with Peter Weir.  I've just taken a look a the couple of lines I've written and noticed my computer is cracking up more than I thought, it has reacted quite badly to intercontinental travel and a few of the letters are taking a break and decided not to work, we could make a game of this.....can you guess which letters?  Anyway, I better do this later on a computer that works.

The second entry is slightly longer and makes more sense (maybe) |link|

Newsround last night announced Billy would be their next guest on a live web chat they often hold answering questions from fans. The interview is aired live on their website and scheduled to take place on Thursday 12th December at 5.35pm GMT. Take a look at the link for info on how to send in a question |link|

Magazine updates - there are huge sections dedicated to TTT in this months Empire and Total Film magazines, both out now. Total film contains a short interview with Dom and Billy and Empire just have general information and interviews with other actors. 

TTT clips have surfaces online, although no Pippin clips, take a look at the Moria News Network for more information |link|

24 - 11 - 02

There is a small article about Billy, Dom and Elijah going shopping last weekend at E! Online |link|

22 - 11 - 02

Billy, Dom and Elijah are planning to spend new year together. Where you ask?? |link|

20 - 11 - 02

Billy appeared on the Scottish broadcast for Children in Need over the weekend, introducing a LOTR competition. That is all! 

13 - 11 - 02

New interview with Billy at the Official site. Or should that be old interview, seeing as it was recorded before interview 14!! |link| (interview 15).

There is an interview posted at Torn from the Toronto exhibit with Billy and Dom |link| requires Quicktime.

Billy, Dom and Orlando attended an EA Games Launch party on the 7th of November for the release of TTT game. Images are in the images section of the site!!

The Special Edition of FOTR has been released with some great new scenes featuring Pippin and a commentary which I have yet to view. Should be good though.

Billy has also just finished working on Master and Commander. 

8 - 11 - 02

You can vote in a Pippin type quiz taking place at Torn at the moment |link

6 - 11 - 02

Billy is still hard at work filming Master and Commander, but the filming is coming to an end.

The Sci-Fi channel has started showing Urban Ghost Story. Unfortunately I missed out on the first 2 showings, when it's repeated I'll post an update |link

1 - 11 - 02

On the 30th of November Billy and Dom (along with other random LOTR people) attended a exhibit in Toronto to promote TTT (I presume - I didn't go!)
Links to information and pictures -
|Bag end Inn| (contains adult content)

New TTT image |link|

Master and Commander release date has been scheduled for the 6th of June.
Vintage informs me the sailor in the image from M+C thought to be Billy is Al Sorkin. This isn't officially confirmed and I still think it looks amazing like Billy!

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