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29 - 03 - 02

hey there. get off the website now. your local cinema should be playing the new two towers trailer. go watch it NOW. even if you have already. in my opinion wipes the floor with FOTR trailers. want the pippin clip spoilers?? read below
there are 3 main clips with pippin in (I think)
* pippin + merry lying on the ground in front of some Orcs
* them both climbing some rocks
* pippin looking very hurt being held by Treebeard (great shot)
there is a small cartoon + article about Billy's new film mostly focusing on Russell Crowe in the latest empire magazine issue that I will scan over the weekend 

27 - 03 - 02

to keep the fueling of Billy's new projects up I've been searching round and have found a few sites to take a look at which have some more info on the far side of the world (although not a lot on Bondon)

buy the book!! (oh joy look at the ships!!!)

official site (or will be)


author fan page (some older movie news on the project)

26 - 03 - 02

On the subject of Billy's new film projects are the two following links - 

far side of the world blurb
(it seems like Billy's in a war film :'( if you've read the book and can tell me any info on billys character please e-mail me |e-mail|)

sniper 470 project
(scroll down for a bit until the title - I'm really excited about this it seems really interesting + I take it Billy is the main character although that's only a presumption)

25 - 03 - 02

MORE NEWS!!! Big news!! Billy's official site has released the following information -

"Just to update you on two new projects that Billy is working on. The first is a short film directed by Paul Holmes called Sniper470. Billy is due to start filming this movie shortly. 

The other project is called 'The Far Side of the World', playing the part of Bondon. The movie is directed by Peter Weir and also stars Russell Crowe. That is due to start filming in Mexico at start of June just after Billy returns from doing some further work on 'The Lord of the Rings'. 

We'll be interviewing Billy on both these interesting projects as soon as we can get hold of him. As soon as we have them in the can, we'll let you know." 

Now I don't know about you but I'm REALLY excited!! there was also a small article in the sun about 2 hobbits and an elf + their non existence at the Oscars -

'No Room' Snub For Brit Stars
Three British stars of Lord of the Rings were snubbed by Oscars bosses who failed to invite them to last night's ceremony.
Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan were flown in to LA on Saturday.
They expected to get prime seats as stars of a film nominated for 13 awards.  But Producers were told there was no room left in Hollywood's 3,500-seat Kodak Theatre.
Orlando, 25, who plays elf warrior Legolas, said last night: "I'm going out to get drunk anyway"
Dominic, 25 - hobbit Merry - added: "We have plenty of options for a night out.  But the Oscars isn't one of them"
Last night Orlando, Dominic's and Billy, 33, were on standby in case seats became available

25 - 03 - 02

Long time no news. Now a lot comes at once. There is small pic of Billy in this weeks "hello" magazine on about page 10 / urban ghost story is released today on DVD and video in the UK. Check your local store / rental store / online shops [links in the Feb news section] for details / Oscars last night, I believe Billy was going. I've not watched my video yet so I'm not sure if he was on camera. Expect any photos to be on the site in the next 2 days. Also you have noticed the site has changed domain. This is it it's here to stay. Update your bookmarks + have a good Monday. 

11 - 03 - 02

Billy was at the SAG awards yesterday (10 - 3 - 02) in fine form I believe. If you live in America + have ETV you can catch re-runs of the show at the following times - Monday, March 11, 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m.
Beck has let me know that Billy was quoted in the recent 'in style' magazine (from Australia) as saying: "Peter doesn't know this..... but I broke my finger surfing" poor lad!!
Quick reminder if you missed earlier updates that Billy is appearing at the I con convention in April. If you'd like more info take a look at the Official Site forum notice |link| and discus your plans with other Billy fans going. you could also buy a t shirt which are now on sale |link| all that for a Monday!!

08 - 03 - 02

Ummm there's no Billy news at the moment but I thought I'd let you know a bit whats happening with the site. I'm completely updating the pics section which I've nearly done, so if any of the pages don't work I'm very sorry but hang with me.

05 - 03 - 02

There was a quick note yesterday on the home page but if you've not looked already Billy has updated the section of his site |link| - its a good read if not a bit scary [Billy goes sci-fi]

04 - 03 - 02

Transcript is up as well as a transcript of TRL live thanks to Amy there is a poll going on at torn where you vote for bills counter part in crime Pippin |link| [thought I was gonna say Dom then didn't u?] and a poll to vote for Billy as the best looking bloke |link| [we have to beat Brad Pitt so votes lots!!!]

02 - 03 - 02

OK still no transcript but that's because I have moved all the picture pages so there should be NO MORE BANDWIDTH PROBLEMS (thank god!!!) ok I got it wrong the Baftas are showing TONIGHT in America on E! at 8pm EST time. enjoy ;)

01 - 03 - 02

Transcript - this weekend I PROMISE!!! Baftas being screened today in both America + Australia (because of time differences) in America - on e - I'm not sure of a time (cheek local listings) and in Australia - at 9.30pm on channel 2 (ABC) - buy Empire magazine now!! There r two little quote things from Billy and a new pic of him laughing!! Scans are appearing RIGHT NOW!!

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