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NEWS (JULY 2002)

29 - 07 - 02

Take a look at the ever wonderful Scottish TV site, news about showing times in Scotland for Sniper470. They have this information |link| -

Sniper 470 - Monday 28 October 11pm
Starring Billy Boyd and Carmen Pieraccini

A Brassneck Films production
Writer / director Paul Holmes, produced by Michael Hines

Sniper 470 is perhaps the most ambitious project to date, and is New Found Land's first ever attempt at science fiction. Sniper 470 is the story of a loan gunner isolated in outer space, waiting to attack the next enemy convoy.

The Gunner (Billy Boyd) is a solitary figure, alone and encapsulated inside a massive gun. For him time and space is everything, his symbiotic relationship with the gun is the only thing that allows him to maintain any semblance of sanity.

Fate like time itself can be cruel. After lengthy periods of isolation the last thing you want is an univited guest.

Billy's Official site have also denied rumors of Billy appearing at another convention in the USA. Check the news fader on the Official forum for details. 

28 - 07 - 02

There's a huge Tolkien convention happening in Germany in November this year. It sounds great if you enjoy Tolkien's work, there's a heap more info on their site take a look |link

Thanks to everyone who has sent in messages for Billy's birthday, if you've not already done so and would like to or need more info take a look at the following page |link|.

26 - 07 - 02

The great guys at Great Scot and Tookish have teamed up with me on the birthday message thing. I have set up a page with all the details. The messages, can be for any reason not just for Billy's birthday. Take a look at the page |link|

25 - 07 - 02

Billy's birthday is just over a month away and I plan to send a group of messages (printed off probably) to his mailing address. if you would like to contribute any time from now until August 19th drop me a line, and include your name, where your from, your message and anything else you think I/Billy should like to know. More info on this will become available when I've finalized what I'm gonna do. |E-mail|

17 - 07 - 02

A ha! Some news! Billy's Official site have some info on Sniper470, quite a lot actually. There are cast, crew and premiere details. If you live in Edinburgh it might be an idea to look into the film festival for more information. There's a brief synopsis and some wicked pictures. Especially like the 3rd one!! |link|

09 - 07 - 02

Great Scot informed me [or rather I borrowed] that there is a competition going on at War of the Ring to win a Signed Tolkien book, who signed it? Billy!! |Enter the contest|

03 - 07 - 02

You might have seen but the new TTT trailer is available online. It has been added to Apple Trailers and you can see it in four various sizes and now download it to hardrive. There's only a quick shot of Billy but it sets up the story more |link|

01 - 07 - 02

June already!! And there's a brand spanking new picture of Billy on the Official site. You can find it on the forum page [By the by click on the eyes!!] |link|

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