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29 - 01 - 02

No news yesterday about Billy but 2 quite BIG pieces today :D Billy will be appearing on the children's show BLUE PETER (which is slightly more up class that the Saturday show) this Friday (Feb 1st) at 5pm on BBC. If your not living in the UK do not fear. I shall do a report similar to the Saturday show so your up to date on what Billy's been getting up to. A mailing address was also confirmed by Billy's official site on the forum. It was very similar to the one I had on the contact page before so if you used it there should be no problem.

28 - 01 - 02

NEW LOOK!!!! What do you think?? Let me know :D Anyway down to the news. There is a poll on the front page of Torn |link| where you can vote for Billy. Happy birthday to Billy's mate and mine Elijah Wood who is 21 today (I gave a shout to Orlando so its only fair) over 10000 people have come to the site!!! Wow thanks to all of you!! Not much actual Billy news :( I was sure there was something I wanted to say.

26 - 01 - 02

Well 2 bits of news today. I'm sure Billy would want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who voted in the empire awards because Billy + Dom Monaghan are up for an award together for best debut!! + LOTR is leading the pack with 8 awards. Take a look at the nominations |link| / Billy was also on the Saturday morning show today + I will write a review of that later 2day + try 2 use my camera 2 get some photos. Check back tomorrow for that ;)

24 - 01 - 02

Yesterday a new interview was added to the official site. Find out what Billy thinks about LOTR there ;)

22 - 01 - 02

This Saturday calls for another early morning for any UK residents. Billy will be appearing on the Saturday show which starts at 9am (dear god no!!) on bbc1. I will try and transcribe a bit what's happens + take some photos of my TV screen which will probably not been much cop but we will see.

15 - 01 - 02

'Hear ye hear ye the hobbits of the shire!! The mayor of your fair land Mr Samwise Gamgee orders you to vote online at for Billy and LOTR to win a spiffy, rather shiny award. head on over 2 empire online |link| and feel free not to vote for Billy but that would defeat the object of the game.'

13 - 01 - 02

Yesterday Billy was in Kettering in the UK at a book signing to promote Tolkiens books. I hear everything went well. Also happy 25th birthday 2 Orlando Bloom!

09 - 01 - 02

There is now a new interview at with for a change Billy interviewing Stewart (runner of about his recent trip to the London premiere of LOTR. Here is also an interesting about a certain Scotsman's kilt!! Not yours Billy??

08 - 01 - 02

Yesterday a certain Mr Boyd was seen lurking around the chat room with 1 of 6 Bmg. He popped in and answered a couple of questions and went on to post a message in the all about Billy section of the forum. There is transcript of the chat in the other room which means if he was in India, he's back in Britain now + will be recording new interviews today.

06 - 01 - 02

There is a rumor that Billy is currently in India with Dom Monahan + Orlando Bloom and that the 3 boys with Elijah Wood are planning to buy a time share house in New Zealand. Peter Jackson was also quoted saying there was a scene in Bree cut from the film with the 4 hobbits singing. Sounds promising for the DVD.

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