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28 - 02 - 02

Strange things going on at Want a Billy t-shirt? |link| Join the queue. Liquid news transcript coming soon (I'm sorry Frankie Muniz was on TRL today so I had to watch that instead of doing the transcript) - empire magazine out tomorrow with an empire awards report. Expect some scans (if there is any Billy) - new poll about TTT :D - expect a change to the site at the weekend (hopefully).

26 - 02 - 02

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN ASTIN (for yesterday). Billy was on the BBC show liquid news last night (being repeated on BBC America I'm not sure when - keep an eye out all you yanks) I will be doing a write up later this week (Billy has highlights in his hair. It looks rather dashing) I-con is drawing nearer. There is a room at BB.NET for discussion for anyone going. Don't go alone

25 - 02 - 02

BILLY ON LIQUID NEWS TONIGHT (sorry for late notice) BBC 1 - 12.05 this evening / FOTR took away 5 Bafta's last night with 2 best film awards and a best directors award for Peter Jackson. Billy was at the awards ceremony and there were a few glimpses of him so if you are still to watch the show keep an eye out ;) (as yet I haven't found any photos - if u have any send um my way).

23 - 02 - 02

BAFTAS tomorrow. Don't forget. Empire online |link| are going to be reporting from the event so keep an eye on their website. TTT news SPOILERS - the recent chat in New York with Peter Jackson + other members of the cast + crew reveled Shelob will be pushed back into ROTK and the storming of Isengard will be in TTT which means a lot more of Merry + Pippin which is great!! Take a look what was reported |link| SPOILERS there 2!!

22 - 02 - 02

News on BB.NET - Billy will be appearing at I-con21 for 2 days from 19th - 21st of April. The event is being held in New York and you can find out more details at the Official I-con Site |link| - if anyone is going to this drop me an email cause I'd appreciate some spy work ;)

20 - 02 - 02

Aussie fans can also watch the BAFTAS on March 2nd at 9.30pm on channel 2, ABC TV. Urban ghost story news - the DVD + video is being released publicly (for a reasonable price in the UK on march 25th. want to pre-order? see below)

amazon vid

amazon dvd

black star vid + dvd

woolworths dvd

19 - 02 - 02

BBC1 - this Sunday - 8pm or tune in to E! - march 1st - no time as of yet (ta Lupip)

19 - 02 - 02

BAFTAS!!! this Sunday (24th) London (somewhere) the show is being broadcast on British TV (details later this evening when I have a TV magazine) it will also be showing on American TV channel E! (have more info? let me know) TTT news and FOTR DVD (things about merry + pip) check out the |link| there's a poll on torn 2 vote for Billy. Use the link above + get to the home page.

15 - 02 - 02

I have been informed by Marie the soundtrack to the LOTR was used by a male figure skater during the Olympics last night which sounds pretty cool. Only thing better would to get Billy in a sparkly outfit + make him spin :D The transcript for the chat held with the hobbit boys is online. You can find it at |link| thanks to Stewart for that + look our for ears - that's me :D

14 - 02 - 02

Happy valentines day :D (don't look at me like that!!) Last night held a chat event. Billy, Dom and Elijah all turned up to amuse the masses (I was there and I was very amused!!). Bmg have posted a message about the event on the forum section of the site and a transcript will be posted soon ;)

12 - 02 - 02

Oscar nominations were announced today. LOTR walked away with 13 leading the pack. Find out what they were if you haven't already at |link|.

12 - 02 - 02

Oscar nominations today. hopefully LOTR will not be skipped. There's not been much news on Billy lately :( but I have hunted out 2 new LOTR pics and there is a new piece of fan art with pictures of Billy from Eowyn. One of the pictures is Billy at the bar [hrrrm wonder what he's doing there] after a Bocp performance, and the other is the book signing in Kettering. There is a new poll. VOTE!!

09 - 02 - 02

Billy and the cast of LOTR have been nominated for a screen actors guild award for best cast. Good luck to everyone I think the awards are announced on march 10th

07 - 02 - 02 have added a new section to the site advertising coming events including a live chat with Billy!!

06 - 02 - 02

I assume you've all heard about the empire awards now?? Good. Now you can see what happened with a new section added to the picture page. Check out the 14 pics from the empire awards / there is a new interview with Billy at where Billy answers questions from the forum + laughs manically quite a lot. I'm only slightly worried.

05 - 02 - 02

The empire results are in. Unfortunately Billy + Dom didn't win an award but the best debut went to Orlando Bloom who I think we can all say deserved it. LOTR had a great night with Elijah Wood picking up best actor + LOTR scooping best film :D Billy, Dom Monaghan, Orlando, Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen were all at the awards. You can see the full winners list and report on the empire website |link| more info will be added later on tonight I assume. I feel like a dance *dances* excuse me

05 - 02 - 02

The empire website have their empire awards special all set out |link|. Check back at 8pm British time. 3pm EST or 7am in the land of Aus. (I don't know any other countries sorry.) I'll put an update when I know any info.

04 - 02 - 02

I've found lots of fun things for you to do today in this rather exciting update. First a quick reminder. Empire awards tomorrow. Don't forget to take a look at the on set report. But as for today I have 3 polls for you to vote in as well as my own. the first poll Harry potter vs. LOTR link (snore) 2nd poll a bit more exciting, best looking guy from LOTR |link| Billy's losing quite dismally :( not right!! There is also a poll at Torn  |link| about the two towers trailer + you can vote for something Pippin like. Also I will add the blue peter review hrrrm right now!! go to the fan reviews page to take a look.

02 - 02 - 02

New pics, new poll + the empire awards are being held on Tuesday (5th Feb) so remember to check their website for a report + to see how Billy + Dom got on with their nomination.

01 - 02 - 02

Well I've spent all of today moving the site + the all the picture pages are up again. If there are any broken links let me know because I might have missed something. As for Billy he was charming on the blue peter, only on the show for 3 mins but well worth the wait. He looked lovely in denim. Expect a review this weekend. I have also found a host of pics so check back on Saturday when they will be online.

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