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28 - 12 - 02

The first Master and Commander trailer has popped up online. Not much story, lots of Russell Crowe and you guessed it, not much Billy. A single shot that's extremely hard to spot, take a look none the less |link| |screen cap

24 - 12 - 02

Quite a few new interviews have been popping up places -

One for GreenCine with Billy and Dom. Dom explains the whole trees on hand thing and Billy talks about bum ache, bless! |link|

Another from the Herald, not anything new just summarizing Billy's work to date |link|

There's a clip from the LA Premiere hosted at Bagend Inn with small clips of all the cat members |link| requires real player

20 - 12 - 02

Well TTT was released on Wednesday. Some great little scenes from Billy. Loved the Take us South bit. Genius! Ok, on with the news -

Billy was on Film 2002 on Tuesday night, it showed footage from the London Premiere. You can see some of the interview on the BBC site but the last part and some great rantings from Billy were missed off. I'll do a quick transcript over the weekend |link| requires real player

Billy was also on SMTV last weekend, a transcript should be up shortly and Billy ended up kissing the presenter (he's getting very randy of late!)

There's a interview which is quite sad in places about Billy in the Scotsman |link|
Another "interesting" link to an E! interview montage with the hobbits about their antics |link|

13 - 12 - 02

News is coming quick and fast now. Quick summary -

Billy took part in a webchat for Newsround last night. If you missed out or forgot to watch they are hosting the video in real player format |link|

There's an interview with Billy and Dom at |link|

There is a short piece in Bizarre, a column for The Sun newspaper, take a look at page 40 - 41 or |link|

TORN has a new TTT Trailer type thing with some amazing new footage. A small bit with Treebeard. No close ups of Billy but amazing still the same |link|

12 - 12 - 02

Billy should be appearing on SMTV this Saturday at 9.25am! Hopefully he will be appearing as he wasn't on the Saturday Show last week although advertised |link|

Billy and Dom were also on MTV's Movie House. You can read a weird transcript of what went on if you missed it |link|

9 - 12 - 02

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOM! It was Dom Monaghan's 26th Birthday yesterday. Hope he had lots of hairy fun with Billy. 

There is an interview planned on GMTV after 7am sometime for an interview with the LOTR cast. Stew from Billy's Official site says it's probably a pre-recorded interview because of the time, and it doesn't specify what members of the cast will attend |link

Return to Middle Earth is showing on ITV this Saturday at 12.30pm |link|

6 - 12 - 02

Billy is set to appear on the Saturday Show in the UK on the 7th of December (this Saturday). The show starts at 9AM |link|

The NY premiere took place last night and Billy looked rather spiffing. There's a large gallery of pictures in the Images section!

There is also a great clip of Fangorn forest with some commentary from Billy and Dom |link| (requires Quicktime)

1 - 12 - 02

Hurrah! Advert calendars have begun. In other news Billy's been charming the ladies at a certain Scottish newspaper and look what they've been handing out |link|

There is an extra interview just been added at Billy's official site where he takes about going back to New Zealand to shoot TTT and about filming in Mexico |link|    

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