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30 - 04 - 02

In this months Empire Magazine (star wars on the cover) I have been informed by Mim that there is a small article (not sure how small) about Billy going to bed early on Oscar night. You might want to pick it up simply because its a great magazine but there is a slight incentive now. 

26 - 04 - 02

Thanks to a post on I know the Urban Ghost Story story release date has been pushed back to the 20th May. You can still Pre-order your copy at |link| or by one of the links on the Urban Ghost Story page. There's also a little known controversial Billy site on the web named Little Billy |link| (not for the feint hearted - you've been warned) thought you lot might like to know

20 - 04 - 02

I-con is taking place TODAY!! If your there have a fantastic time and if your unfortunate enough not to be attending you can take a look at an on going report at the Looney Bin |link| (thanks to hobbit kitty) and stay tuned for some reports and pics of the event. 

16 - 04 - 02

I-con with Billy is this weekend. If you are going and would like to make last minute plans with some of the other Billy fans going there is a chat being held in Cheese chat |link| TODAY at 5pm (1700) EST and 10pm (2200) GMT - other than that have a great time!! | The countdown begins with a download for TTT clock. Don't fret there's a Pippin skin for it |link|.

15 - 04 - 02

Billy's official site have added a NEW INTERVIEW today |link| where Billy talks about his absence at the Oscars, LOTR commentary (looks like we'll be seeing the midge water marshes scene in the November DVD) and kissing Nicole Kidman.

09 - 04 - 02

Thanks to someone on the Looney Bin (I'm bad with names) I now know you can download the Urban Ghost Story Script |link|. So if you can't see the film you can see what kind of scenes Billy is in. (Please note the script it certificate 15) Look for the Loan Shark character.   

08 - 04 - 02

Billy's Official site have given a link to a very informative Far Side of the World site worth looking at |link|. (Be warned there is a freighting Russell Crowe pic on the front page) The Taggart episode Billy appears in is called 'Dead Man's Chest' if your looking out for listings.   

04 - 04 - 02

There's no Billy news to update, but Hannah from the Looney Bin and was killed in a car crash today, and although I did not talk with her a lot, I would like to pay tribute. 

02 - 04 - 02

I-con news for any one who is planning to go: Billy's schedule is now confirmed as much as possible. There are two signings and question + answer sessions. More info on the Official Site |link|.

There is an Unofficial TTT Trailer online which you can view, it's not great quality but it's the trailer which is fantastic |link|. 

01 - 04 - 02

It's April already?? Blimey!! That means TTT is getting even closer and you can now see the new trailer in cinemas all across the world, with 3 short clips of Pippin. 
More news on Billy's new film 'Far side of the world', the full name of Billy's character is Barrett Bondon and he plays the coxswain to Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe). The character is also Scottish and if the character is kept close to the book, Bondon has quite a substantial part. (For more info check the March archive)

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